In Fergana, a court official was caught while receiving a thousand dollars as a bribe



In Fergana, an official from the court was apprehended for accepting a bribe in exchange for facilitating a divorce. This information was disclosed by Aziz Abidov, who leads the information service of the Oliy Sud.

According to reports, an archivist working at the Qoqon Inter-District Court for Civil Affairs solicited a payment of one thousand US dollars from a citizen in return for assisting with legal separation from their spouse. Law enforcement officers apprehended him while he was receiving the money.

It is stated, "If you witness or become aware of any corrupt behavior or negligence among court officials, we urge you to promptly report it to the "Hotline" at (71) 239-01-79, managed by the Internal Control Group for Combating Corruption within the Oliy Sud."

We would like to emphasize that previously, individuals including judges, chief accountants, chief inspectors, and deputy chief engineers were apprehended for involvement in bribery across various regions of Uzbekistan.


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