Individuals attempting to sell illegal land in Fergana were apprehended 


Cases of illegal land sales were discovered in the Kuva, Uchkoprik, Tashloq, and Rishton districts of the Fergana region, as reported by the State Security Service.

In the Kuva district case, a person born in 1977, previously convicted, facilitated the registration of 15 hectares of land in the name of a buyer through acquaintances in the cadastral system, as per the decision of the district governor in 2020. This land, leased for the construction of "Yoshlar mehnat guzari" buildings and structures, was given to his relative. He was apprehended with physical evidence while receiving $25,000.

In Uchkoprik District, a person born in 1959 was granted a horticultural farm established in 2016 in the name of his son by the district governor's decision in 2019 for vegetable and horticultural use. He was apprehended when he agreed to sell 10 hectares of additionally allocated land, based on lease rights, to a buyer for $30,000, receiving $20,000 in advance.

In the Toshloq District case, a person born in 1981 and previously convicted was arrested upon receiving $19,200 in exchange for registering 12 out of the 30 acres of land given to his brother for greenhouse and gardening by the district governor's decision in 2017.

In the Rishton district, a person born in 1986 demanded $25,000 for transferring 12 hectares of land in the state reserve to a buyer through official acquaintances. He was apprehended upon receiving $15,000 in advance.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated against all individuals involved, and investigations are underway.

It's worth noting that earlier in the Tashkent and Bukhara regions, illegal land sellers were apprehended.


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