Thieves targeting Gentra cars were apprehended in Ferghana



A stolen Gentra vehicle from February 26 was recovered within the confines of Fergana city, as reported by the Fergana regional DIA.

On February 26 of this year, a Gentra vehicle belonging to a resident of Fergana city was reported stolen from in front of their apartment.

During preliminary investigations, S.Q., born in 2001 and residing in Asaka District, Andijan Region, along with Q.I., born in 1993, were found to have collaborated in the theft with two accomplices and were subsequently arrested.

In response to this incident, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 267, Part 2, Clause "b" of the Criminal Code.

The public is urged to be cautious, advised not to leave vehicles unlocked and unattended, and reminded not to leave car keys inside. It's recommended to park vehicles under well-lit areas and surveillance cameras whenever possible and avoid leaving them on the roadside or in front of street doors. The report emphasizes the inevitability of criminal exposure.

The regional DIA urges affected individuals to contact law enforcement if they have been victimized.


Farg'ona Gentra

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