Illegal miners who illicitly consumed 1 billion 329 million soums worth of electricity in the Fergana region were identified



Illegal miners who illicitly consumed 1 billion 329 million soums worth of electricity in the cities of Fergana and Qoqon, located in the Fergana region, were identified. This information was disclosed by the State Security Service.

Operational endeavors conducted by the Fergana regional branch of the Safety Service of the State led to the discovery. A resident born in 1973, residing in Qoqon, surreptitiously connected 10 "Bitmain Antminer" mining units to the public power grid in a relative's residence without securing a contract with the electricity provider. This individual engaged in mining activities from 2021 to 2024, resulting in a liability of 638 million 274 thousand soums paid to the state for the incurred damage.

Similarly, a resident born in 1989 in Fergana secretly linked 11 "Antminer" mining devices, with a total capacity of 14.85 kilowatts, to the electrical grid, leading to the theft of 320 million 118 thousand soums worth of electricity.

Furthermore, during an inspection of an apartment owned by a citizen born in 1971 and residing in Fergana, 6 "Antminer" mining devices with a combined capacity of 12.4 kilowatts were unlawfully connected to the power grid, resulting in the electricity provider incurring damages amounting to 293 million 284 thousand soums.

Additionally, a resident born in 1989, also living in Fergana, caused damage totaling 77,585,000 soums to the state's interests in electricity usage by operating 3 "Antminer" mines in their mother's apartment.

According to the report, "Criminal cases have been initiated against these individuals in accordance with Article 169 of the Criminal Code, and investigative procedures are underway."

It's worth mentioning that previously, in Namangan, electricity worth more than 5 billion soums was stolen.





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