It is forbidden to graze cattle in the border pastures of Uzbekistan at night



It is allowed to graze cattle in the border pastures of Uzbekistan only during the day. This was announced on October 9 in the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on amendments and additions to the regulation on the border regime in the territory of Uzbekistan.

With this decision, the regulation approving the border regime in the territory of Uzbekistan is supplemented with a chapter defining the procedure for the use of pasture lands in the border zone and the border region.

Pasture land in the border zone and border region can be used by individuals included in the list formed once a year by the Committee for the Development of Silk and Wool Industry under the Ministry of Agriculture. The created list will be sent to the border troops of the State Security Service and Internal Affairs bodies.

The use of land is carried out on the basis of lease rights, and livestock grazing is allowed only during the day. When a person loses the right to use land, the committee notifies the border troops and internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan within 10 days.
The document was published in the national language in the national database of legal documents and entered into force on October 10, 2023.

We remind you that earlier, government delegations discussed the issues of determining the junctions of the state borders of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


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