Now the National Guard has the authority to issue fines



Starting from October 13th, the National Guard has been granted the authority to issue administrative reports and impose fines for violations of ecology and environmental protection. This change was mandated by the law titled "On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legal Documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Connection with the Improvement of Legislation in the Fields of Ecology and Public Order," which was signed by the President.

According to this law, individuals who fail to properly dispose of household waste and other solid materials in a substandard condition will receive a report from National Guard officers within their jurisdiction and will be subject to fines as outlined by the law (in accordance with the established procedure).

In accordance with the amendments made to the Laws "On the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan" and "On Internal Affairs Bodies," both the National Guard and internal affairs bodies are now responsible for safeguarding ecology and the environment. Measures have been put in place to combat violations in this domain," as stated in the message.

As a reminder, we previously informed you about the establishment of public event control commissions under the internal affairs bodies and the determination of their composition, status, and powers.


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