“Russia is not providing Uzbeks with free assistance,” Bekmuradov replied to Delyagin



Earlier, Russian Deputy Mikhail Delyagin stated that the initiative to establish kindergartens and schools in Russia for the children of Uzbek migrants does not comply with the country's laws, "suggesting" that Uzbekistan should take back its citizens from Russia. Delyagin's remarks sparked extensive discussions. In response, Babur Bekmuradov, the chairman of the nationwide movement "Yuksalish" and a deputy in the Oliy Majlis, joined his colleagues in Uzbekistan in expressing his views on the matter.

According to Babur Bekmuradov, it is natural for any country to take initiatives to create the necessary conditions for its citizens. Additionally, the Uzbekistan deputy stated that the implementation of these initiatives will be in accordance with Russian legislation.

"Our compatriots working in Russia financially support their families through honest work; Russia is not providing free assistance to them. In this context, the majority of them are contributing significantly to the Russian economy during their prime years," said Babur Bekmuradov.

He also suggested that the accusations by the Russian lawmaker against an ally of the country warrant vigilance in relations with Russia, even among the closest partners.

"Comrade Delyagin Mikhail, if, as you claim, labor migrants could threaten a vast country like the Russian Federation, you have more important tasks at hand related to strengthening the state's sovereignty," the Oliy Majlis deputy emphasized.

Bekmuradov noted that there is a free mass media in Uzbekistan and that the opinions expressed by Duma deputies reach the Uzbek public, potentially forming a negative opinion about Russia.

It is worth reminding that Alisher Kadyrov, the chairman of the Central Council of the democratic party "Milliy tiklanish," previously stated that if attitudes toward Uzbeks and the Uzbek language in Russia resemble Delyagin's views, then the approach to the Russian language in Uzbekistan should be reconsidered entirely.


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