The holiday of print media has arrived. The President confirms this important news.



From 2023, the practice of sending 110 copies of periodicals and 67 copies of compulsory free copies of books to the relevant state bodies and organizations, and other institutions will be abolished.  This is stated in the presidential decision “On measures to support the media and the development of journalism”.

According to the decision, a procedure will be introduced for the purchase of printed materials (except for the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi).  In this case, the relevant state bodies allocate funds from the state budget for procurement;

Budget organizations are also allowed to allocate funds for subscriptions for periodicals, their electronic form, and electronic media at the expense of expenditure item “library fund”.

According to this, from 1 October 2022, a competition will be announced for the 30 best projects for the production and broadcasting of TV and radio products for children, each of which is up to 300 times the basic calculation amount. These expenses will be covered by the state budget, which will be additionally allocated to the Information and Mass Communications Agency (AOKA).


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