Chorsu and Eski Juva markets set to undergo renovation by next year



Tashkent, June 12, 2023 - In a significant move aimed at enhancing the socio-economic development of Sheikhontohur district in Tashkent, the historic Chorsu and Old Juva markets are scheduled to undergo extensive renovation by the end of next year. This momentous decision was officially announced through a Presidential Decree titled "On measures for socio-economic development of Sheikhontohur district of Tashkent city and improvement of neighborhood infrastructure in 2023-2024" on June 7, 2023.

The decree outlines an ambitious plan to establish a 20.7-kilometer long "Tourism Ring" that aims to uplift the living standards of the local population. By harnessing existing resources, fostering rapid growth in the trade, service, and tourism sectors, and enhancing the social and engineering-communication infrastructure, the project intends to create a thriving district within Tashkent. To facilitate the realization of this vision, a sum of 100 billion soums has been earmarked from the state budget over a three-year period.

As part of this comprehensive endeavor, the renovation project will involve the revitalization of vacant buildings and structures, incorporating designs inspired by national architectural developments. Additionally, new sales stalls will be constructed on designated plots of land. The deadline for the completion of this project is set for December 2023, ensuring a timely and efficient restoration of these iconic markets.

The Chorsu and Eski Juva markets hold great historical and cultural significance for the capital city, and their rejuvenation will not only contribute to the preservation of Uzbekistan's architectural heritage but also boost local trade and tourism. The renovations are expected to create a vibrant and attractive hub for both residents and visitors alike, providing a delightful shopping experience while honoring the region's rich cultural legacy.


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