Head of Bukhara's DIA was appointed



Lieutenant Colonel Ikromjon Normurodovich Tursunov has been assigned as the head of the Internal Affairs Department in the Bukhara region, as per the report from the regional DIA.

An urgent meeting, attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant-General Polat Bobojonov, was convened to address public safety and criminal stability in the Bukhara region. Also present were the Bukhara region governor, Botir Zaripov, Ministry of Internal Affairs officials, regional sector leaders, and law enforcement personnel.

Just a reminder, Colonel Mirjamol Yuldoshevich Mirolimov was appointed as the head of the Department of Internal Affairs in the Bukhara region on February 24 of the preceding year.


Buxoro Ikromjon Tursunov

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