In the General Prosecutor's Office, the Department for the Secret Economy and its regional departments will be established



A dedicated department for the secret economy and its regional branches will be established within the General Prosecutor's Office. This decision was announced during a video-selector meeting chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, focusing on key tasks for ensuring macroeconomic stability and economic development in 2024.

Currently, 14 agencies are involved in combating the underground economy and economic crime, lacking a cohesive system for coordinating their efforts.

To elevate the fight against the hidden economy, the Department for Combating Economic Crimes under the General Prosecutor's Office will be reinforced, addressing its previous inefficiencies due to limited investigative powers and legal conflicts.

The revitalized department will transform into a hub for in-depth analysis, swift searches, inspections, and investigations, led by the Deputy Prosecutor General. Modern information systems and specialized tools will empower the department, with a focus on recruiting dedicated experts proficient in economic fields and foreign languages.

An accompanying scientific-analytical and educational center will be established within the department, identifying factors contributing to the underground economy, proposing solutions based on international experiences, and training staff in identifying economic crimes and combating the underground economy.

Simultaneously, a distinct department for the underground economy and its regional branches will be instituted within the General Prosecutor's Office.

The department is tasked with implementing significant changes in five crucial areas: construction, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco, illegal imports, and addressing issues related to cashing and illegal capital outflow.


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