The prosecutor read out the indictment against “Bakhti Tashkentsky”



Bakhtiyor Qudratullayev, also known as "Bakhti Tashkentsky," along with 36 co-defendants, is currently on trial. This information was reported by QALAMPIR.UZ.

During the court proceedings, the prosecutor presented the indictment, to which Bakhtiyor Qudratullayev responded by denying the charges against him.

The Head of the Internal Affairs Department in Tashkent announced that Bakhtiyor Qudratullayev and more than 30 associates were charged under several articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including Article 242 (Organization of a Criminal Association) and Article 165 (Extortion). The court documents contain numerous allegations against Qudratullayev.

These allegations include violations of the following articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • Article 104 (Deliberately inflicting severe bodily harm), Part 3, Clause "g"
  • Article 109 (Intentionally inflicting light bodily harm), Part 2
  • Article 138 (Unlawful deprivation of liberty by force), Part 1
  • Article 165 (Extortion), Part 3, Clauses "a" and "v"
  • Article 168 (Fraud), Part 4, Clauses "a" and "v"
  • Article 228 (Preparation of documents, stamps, seals, forms, their forgery, sale or use), Part 2, Clauses "a" and "b"; Part 3
  • Article 242 (Establishment of a criminal association), Part 1
  • Article 243 (Legalization of proceeds from criminal activities)
  • Article 276 (Illegal preparation, possession, storage, and other actions without the intent of transferring narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances), Part 2, Clauses "a" and "b"
  • Article 277 (Harassment), Part 2, Clauses "b" and "c”


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