The trial of “Bakhti Tashkentsky” begins 



The trial of Bakhtiyor Qudratullayev, also known as "Bakhti Tashkentsky", has commenced, according to a report from QALAMPIR.UZ.

Proceedings against Bakhtiyor Qudratullayev and 36 alleged associates have started in the Yunusobod District Court on criminal cases.

A QALAMPIR.UZ correspondent on the scene noted difficulties with accommodating the numerous defendants' relatives and the local media in the courtroom due to the high number of individuals involved.

Currently, 38 lawyers are present at the court session. The presiding judge, T. Obidov of the Shaykhontohur District Court, is determining whether each defendant has a defense attorney, identifying these attorneys, and considering state-provided defense for those without representation.

The preliminary investigation's indictment lists defendants B. Qudratullayev, Sh. Qurbonov, B. Zafarov, Sh. Rahimov, A. Khodjayev, D. Sharipov, A. Mirzakhanov, Sh. Sulaymankulov, A. Norkulov, S. Khotamov, N. Jumaniyozova, R. Shakirov, Sh. Qudratullayev, T. Turmonov, F. Vapayev, M. Nasyrkhodjaev, D. Mominhojaev, M. Usmanboev, M. Shodmanov, B. Khudoyorov, A. Mashrofkhonov, V. Qurbonov, A. Makhamadiyorov, A. Djurayev, B. Bakayev, I. Qudratullaev, A. Aliyev, J. Soliyev, A. Tursunboev, B. Narmirzayev, F. Kamolov, M. Mirzoyev, N. Bahodirov, A. Shchelyov, M. Kurbanov, O. Islomov, and M. Ibodullayev was accused of crimes under Articles 104, 109, 138, 165, 168, 228, 242, 243, 273, 276, and 277 of the Criminal Code.

Precautionary measures including "detention" and "bail" have been applied to 36 defendants.


sud Baxti Tashkentskiy

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