The salaries of some teachers will be increased up to 50 percent



Teachers who have an international or national certificate in their subject have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to 50%.  This is stated in the decree of the president of Uzbekistan «On approval of the National Program on the Development of Public Education for 2022-2026».

According to the decree, teachers with the appropriate level of certification on the general education subjects will be paid an additional monthly bonus in the following order:
• Teachers with internationally recognized certificates – 50% bonus to their tariff rate;
• Teachers who have a national assessment system certificate that meets the requirements of international standards – for 50% of their tariff rate.

The conformity of the national assessment system with the requirements of international standards should be confirmed by the competent international organizations;
• A 20 percent bonus to the tariff rate for teachers who have a national test system certificate of the State Testing Center-not specified in the fourth paragraph of this part.

Until 1 January 2025, teachers with a national S1 level certificate in a foreign language will be paid a monthly bonus of 50%;
• Additional monthly allowance to teachers– for the period of validity of the language certificate, but not more than three years;
• Teachers with several general education certificates will be awarded a monthly bonus based on a special certificate, entitling them to a higher interest rate.

According to the document, the official website of the Ministry of Public Education publishes a list of international standards to which the national assessment system must comply, a list of authorized international organizations running on public education, a list of certificates which are internationally recognized and nationally issued (combinations of them), as well as the relevant levels for monthly bonuses by 1 August each year.

In addition, from 1 September 2022, the salary of employees in libraries of general secondary education and « Children’s libraries » in the system of the Ministry of Public Education will be increased 1.2 times.


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