The amount of fines for traffic violations increase from December 1



From December 1, fines for violating traffic rules will increase in Uzbekistan. The adjustment in fine amounts is attributed to a change in the base calculation.

The Basic Calculation Amount has risen by 3%, now set at 340,000 soums starting December 1.

Consequently, under the new regulations, fines for various traffic violations will be as follows:

•    Not wearing a seat belt: 170,000 soums
•    Violation of technical inspection rules, lack of a first aid kit: 170,000 soums
•    Driving a car without necessary documents: 340,000 soums
•    Lack of insurance: 340,000 soums
•    Passing through a red traffic light: 680,000 soums
•    Incorrect parking: 680,000 soums
•    Using a mobile phone while driving: 1,020,000 soums
•     Driving a car without a license plate: 1,700,000 soums
•    Exceeding the set speed by 20 km/h: 340,000 soums
•    Exceeding the set speed by 20-40 km/h: 1,700,000 soums
•     Speed increase of over 40 km/h: 3,060,000 soums
•    Driving in the opposite lane: 3,400,000 soums
•    Driving a vehicle while intoxicated: 8,500,000 soums and deprivation of the right to drive for up to 3 years
•    Tinting windows without the appropriate permit: 8,500,000 soums

These revised fine amounts will take effect on December 1, 2023.

It is important to note that in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 17, No. 196 "On increasing the amount of wages, pensions, and benefits," wages, pensions, and social benefits will increase by 7% from December 1 of this year.



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