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On October 27th, a meeting was convened at the Ministry of Culture with representatives from the art world. During the meeting, the art of Uzbek singing came under criticism, as reported by the state institution "Uzbekkonsert."

The meeting was presided over by the First Deputy Minister of Culture, Bahadir Akhmedov. Participants included Nadirjon Kholbotayev, the Head of the Department of Spirituality and State Language Development of the Cabinet of Ministers, Rustam Abdullayev, Chairman of the Union of Composers and Composers of Uzbekistan, and Batir Ergashev, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan.

The meeting addressed several concerns. Singers were noted to be producing low-quality songs, often with repetitive themes. New stars who had released only a few songs were criticized for showing disrespect to their mentor artists, as they frequently posted their creations on social networks to gain subscribers. This trend was strongly criticized for undermining the quality of Uzbek singing art by flooding the scene with a variety of content.
First Deputy Minister Bahadir Akhmedov announced that new creative projects for artists would soon be launched, with an emphasis on increasing the number of live performances.

It is worth noting that similar meetings were held continuously at the state institution "Uzbekkonsert" until 2017. Subsequently, the Club of People's Artists was established upon the order of the President, though it remains unclear whether the club still exists and what its activities have entailed.

Currently, "Uzbekkonsert" primarily focuses on licensing and organizing state events season after season.

As a reminder, during a previous meeting dedicated to the 9-month activity report of the state institution "Uzbekkonsert" in 2023, a new leader was appointed to the organization.


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