The United States bestows pickups upon the Border Troops of State Security Service


US Ambassador to Uzbekistan Daniel Rosenblum handed 50 Toyota Hilux and Fortuner cars to the Border Troops of State Security Service of Uzbekistan. This was reported to QALAMPIR.UZ by the diplomatic office.

It is noted that the vehicles were received by Deputy Commander, Colonel Bakhtiyar Mansurov on behalf of the Border Troops service. The vehicles were bestowed within the framework of the State’s Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund, financed by the U.S. government. Cars worth $2.25 million are part of US assistance to Uzbekistan in terms of security field.

«Since the United States and Uzbekistan first signed the Treaty on Defense and Non-Proliferation in 2001, our countries have been remaining mutual cooperative partners to combat the proliferation of nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological materials, as well as strengthening border security. Today, we are glad to celebrate the following stage of our cooperation and hope that the delivered vehicles will increase the capabilities of the border troops to protect the state border of Uzbekistan and the «green border» and will allow reacting quickly to border incidents»,-Ambassador Rosenblum said in his speech.

For reference: The Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund, established in 1994, gives an opportunity requiring immediate action by the US government to respond to unforeseen and complex situations related to the disarmament and to prevent the proliferation of weapons. The Fund has extensive experience in strategy development, negotiation, program management, financial operations and contracting to ensure reliable, safe and cost-effective operations.


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