A woman suspected of engaging in sexual slavery and holding a 14-year-old girl in captivity is arrested



Earlier, we reported that a 14-year-old girl had been held in sexual slavery for seven months in the Kitab district of the Kashkadarya region. The woman responsible for the exploitation of the girl has been incarcerated, as reported by the Children's Ombudsman.

The prosecutor's office of the Kitab district in the Kashkadarya region initiated a criminal case against a citizen named N.A. (a woman) under Article 135, Part 3, Clause "a" of the Criminal Code. On November 25 of this year, citizen N.A. became a suspect in the investigation, and a precautionary measure in the form of imprisonment was imposed on her by the decision of the Kitab district court on November 26.

"In connection with this case, the Children's Ombudsman will continue parliamentary control over the protection of the legal interests of the minor Ch.T.," the report states. 

It is worth reminding that the National Agency of Social Protection previously responded to the situation and announced that the "Inson" (Human) social services center is actively working to restore the physical and mental health of the minor Ch.T. This effort is being undertaken by a working group composed of psychologists and pedagogues.


Qashqadaryo qamoq jinsiy qullik

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