Jalolov is not easy to break - Jared Anderson



Jared Anderson, an American professional boxer in the super heavyweight category, commented on the Uzbekistan leather glove master, Bahadir Jalolov.

"Bahodir Jalolov is also a good boxer. I don't think he's going to be easy to 'break', but I'm sure if you can get around his forehand, you'll see him fight very easily," Anderson said.

For your information, 24-year-old Jared Anderson has had a total of 17 professional boxing fights and won all of them. He knocked out his opponents in 15 of the fights. Bahadir Jalolov has entered the pro ring 14 times and defeated his opponents ahead of schedule in all of his fights.

We remind you that earlier, Bahadir Jalalov informed QALAMPIR.UZ that he will not fight on the night of Usik-Fury.


Bahodir Jalolov Jared Anderson

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