The driver who absconded with the Road Patrol Service employee's walkie-talkie has been apprehended



Previously, it was noted that the driver of a Damas vehicle fled with the walkie-talkie belonging to a staff member of the Road Patrol Service in Fergana city. It has now been disclosed that the court has issued a sentence for the driver involved in this incident. This information was provided by the Information Service of the DIA of the Fergana region.

"The actions of M.Sh., who used offensive language in a public setting, disrupted public order and disturbed the peace of citizens, failed to comply with lawful instructions from a law enforcement officer, and appropriated a specialized tool belonging to an DIA officer before departing, were reviewed in the Fergana City Criminal Court based on the compiled evidence," the statement reads.

The court has decreed a 5-day administrative detention for M.Sh.

We would like to recall that on January 31, in the Kitob district of Kashkadarya region, the driver of a Damas vehicle struck an employee of Road Patrol Service. A criminal case has been launched against this driver.


Farg'ona Damas

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