It was disclosed what young families spend most of their income on



It was found that young families in Uzbekistan (the average age of the breadwinner is 38 years old) spend more of their income on debt repayment than families of other age groups.  This was reported by the Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research.

The Institute’s experts analyzed the characteristics of changes in consumer spending and income during the life cycle of people in Uzbekistan, as well as the state of entering into debt relationships.

It was found that the hypothesis of the life cycle of stable income and consumption works in Uzbekistan.  According to him, people’s earnings grow rapidly up to the age of 30, peak around the age of 30-50, and decline sharply after the age of 60.  This, in turn, means that the difference between income and consumption needs to be compensated by borrowing.

According to the results of a survey conducted among the population in Uzbekistan (with the participation of 450 people), the income of young families (the average age of the breadwinner is 38 years old) is higher than that of other families (the average age of the breadwinner is 49 years).  It was reported that most of it is spent on debt repayment.  This corresponds to the above theoretical view (sustainable income and life cycle hypothesis of consumption).

It was found that 18% of the respondents took loans for household appliances, 22% for housing, 13% for cars, 10% for tuition fees, and 11% for telephones.  The remaining 34% of respondents stated that they have no debt.  18% of respondents have their own savings.

Taking into account that according to the results of the survey, 10% of the population prefer to borrow from commercial stores for term payment (10% is a bank loan, and the rest will be their own and their relatives’ funds), increasingly in Uzbekistan  it is planned to study the market of offering home furnishings for term payment, which is becoming popular.




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