A new prosecutor is appointed to Yakkasaray district


A new prosecutor has been appointed to the Yakkasaray district. Bekzod Shamshiyev has been appointed as the prosecutor of the Yakkasaray district in Tashkent city, according to the district administration.

Prior to this appointment, Bekzod Shamshiyev served as the deputy prosecutor of Yakkasaray district.

He takes over the position from Nilufar Allabergenova, who previously held the role of prosecutor and was recently appointed as the district governor.

It is worth noting that Nilufar Allabergenova, who had been serving as the prosecutor of Yakkasaray district since 2019, assumed the role of district governor in October of this year.

Additionally, Anvar Sayfutdinov, who served as the mayor of Yakkasaray district until now, has been appointed as the mayor of Mirabad district.


Yakkasaroy Bekzod Shamshiev

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