Illegal migrants from Uzbekistan will be promptly deported from the United States - “New York Post.”



California's border guards have been instructed to swiftly deport illegal immigrants from several former USSR countries, including Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This information comes from an internal document cited by the "New York Post."

The newspaper specifies that the deportation order pertains to adult migrants. The NYP reports that this directive affects the border area near San Diego, a region that sees a significant number of illegal immigrants from the Eastern Hemisphere.

It is important to note that immigrants from other Eastern Hemisphere countries, which total over 100 nations, are permitted to remain in the United States while their cases are reviewed.

The United States has implemented a temporary ban on granting asylum to immigrants who have crossed the border illegally from Mexico. The new regulations enable American authorities to expedite the deportation of individuals without a legal right to stay in the country. This measure will continue until the average daily number of illegal border crossings from Mexico drops below 1,500.

According to the NYP Border Patrol, over 10,000 migrants crossed the southern border this past weekend.


AQSh O'zbekiston migrantlar

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