A citizen of Uzbekistan sought by Interpol with a red notice was apprehended



A woman named Nilufar Mirkhanova, a citizen of Uzbekistan sought by Interpol with a red notice, was apprehended in the Ayvajik district of the Chanoqqal’a region in Turkey, as reported by local publications.

Following investigations, it was discovered that Mirkhanova had been involved in smuggling numerous women from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan into Turkey, where she sold them to brothels through intermediaries.

As a result of a targeted operation, Mirkhanova was arrested at her residence in Kichikkuyu. Subsequently, after the completion of inquiries at the police station, she was transferred to the Ayvajik Repatriation Center for deportation.

Mirkhanova, internationally sought, goes by the alias 'Madam Klod.' Allegedly, she supplied foreign women to brothels across several countries worldwide. Interpol has issued a warrant for her arrest on charges of 'human trafficking for sexual purposes.'


Turkiya O'zbekiston Nilufar Mirxonova qo'shmachi Madam Klod

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