In Uzbekistan, the prices for Umrah pilgrimage have recently decreased



In Uzbekistan, the prices for Umrah pilgrimage have recently decreased, as reported by the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan.

The delegation of Uzbekistan has engaged in discussions with officials in Saudi Arabia to enhance the quality of Hajj and Umrah services, lower their prices, and provide greater conveniences for pilgrims. These dialogues have resulted in a reduction in the cost of Umrah services.

Effective from January 10, 2024, the "Hajj and Umrah" center under the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan has set the price for Umrah services at 16,600,000 soums per person.

The Office emphasized that the Umrah services they offer, in collaboration with the Committee on Religious Affairs, are not only affordable but also safe and convenient. These services include direct flights, 24-hour medical assistance, thrice-daily hot meals, and the involvement of highly qualified imams. Additionally, the Fatwa Center scholars, as part of the working group, actively address Sharia-related matters to ensure compliance.


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