14 trillion soums are spent on updating the energy network in Uzbekistan – Minister of Energy



Yesterday, on November 22, the Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, Jorabek Mirzamakhmudov, gave a report on preparations for the autumn-winter season during the 'Government Hour' of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. MP Sanjar Khamidullayev, who participated in the meeting, was interested in the amount of funds spent on updating the electric networks in Tashkent, where they were sourced from, and when and from what source they will be repaid.

In response, the minister did not specify the amount of money used for the city of Tashkent alone, but he mentioned that about 14 trillion soums were allocated for this purpose throughout the entire republic. Mirzamakhmudov explained that funds from the state budget, local governments, and credit resources were utilized for this purpose.

"Considering that imported equipment, cables, transformers, and other equipment not manufactured in our country were sourced from abroad, credit resources were obtained. This was taken into account in the relevant decision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, including all indicators related to the repayment of loans by 'Territory Electric Networks' in its financial flows. If more detailed information is needed, we will provide it in writing in a separate sealed letter," stated Minister Mirzamakhmudov.

It is worth mentioning that Minister of Energy Jorabek Mirzamakhmudov also addressed the measures that would be taken if an anomalous cold repeat this winter.


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