Uzbekistan Signed an Agreement on Seasonal Import of Electricity from Tajikistan



Uzbekistan has reached an agreement on the seasonal import of electricity from Tajikistan.  The companies of the two countries signed an agreement on the supply of electricity from May-September 2023.  This was reported by the Ministry of Energy.

It was reported that on the 12th of May this year, in order to maintain the balance of energy and water resources in Uzbekistan and to provide consumers with electricity, the current joint-stock company “Uzbekistan National Electric Grids” and the company “Barki Tochik”  reached an agreement and signed a contract for the supply of electricity from May to September of this year.  

According to the national electricity networks of Uzbekistan, the import of electricity from the Republic of Tajikistan had resumed since 2018.

•    1,480.9 million kWh in April-September 2018;
•    1,425.1 million kWh in April-October 2019;
•    In May-September 2020, 566.7 million kWh were imported.
According to a letter from the “Barki Tochik” company dated 13th July 2020, the supply of electricity to Uzbekistan has been partially suspended since 16th July 2020, due to the fact that the water of the Vakhsh River had decreased by 50% and as a result, the water level in the reservoir of the Nurek hydroelectric power station had decreased by 10 meters compared to 2019.
•    1,143.6 million kWh in May-September 2021;
•    In April-September 2022, electricity was imported in the amount of 823.2 million kWh.
The contract that was signed on 12th of May stipulates the import of electricity in the amount of 1,285.0 million kWh from May-September.


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