The delegation of Uzbekistan participates in the conference in Dubai



The Republic of Uzbekistan is represented at the world summit on actions to combat climate change as part of the 28th conference of participants of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, scheduled to take place in Dubai on December 1-2 this year. This information was reported by the President's press service.

It has been highlighted that the environmental crisis resulting from the drying up of the Aral Sea, a pressing issue for the Central Asian region, will be a key topic on the agenda.

This forum, bringing together representatives from nearly all countries worldwide, influential international organizations, and civil society, serves to unite global efforts in combating climate change, addressing its consequences, implementing climate strategies, and financing the transition to "green" energy.

It is emphasized that Uzbekistan will present several proposals and initiatives aimed at strengthening the fight against climate change at the national, regional, and global levels during the COP-28 in Dubai.

Furthermore, Uzbekistan expresses support for significant initiatives put forth by the leadership of the United Arab Emirates in its role as the chairman of COP-28.


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