Businesses found deceiving citizens regarding the Umrah pilgrimage will face temporary closure



Previously, it was disclosed that citizens entrusted their Umrah pilgrimage to the Gulbahor Airways tour company but encountered difficulties returning home due to flight disruptions by the private airline, Panorama Airways. Subsequently, an inquiry has been initiated into the tour companies implicated in this matter, leading to the temporary suspension of their operations, as announced by the Tourism Committee on February 24.

Following reports from affected citizens regarding both financial and emotional distress caused by flight delays with a private airline during Umrah activities, the Transport Prosecutor's Office forwarded a letter to the Tourism Committee. Consequently, the Tourism Committee conducted an assessment of tourism enterprises involved. To further investigate the tourist companies mentioned in the complaint letter, the Tourism Committee has engaged an expert from the Transport Prosecutor's Office.

Collaborating with the Transport Prosecutor's Office, efforts are underway to ascertain the identification numbers of the tourism enterprises implicated in the legal proceedings. Upon completion of this process, it has been announced that the operations of the enterprises subject to criminal investigation will be temporarily halted.

It's worth recalling that earlier, following the inability of pilgrims to return to Uzbekistan, an official from the private airline company, Panorama Airways, was detained.


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