Those involved in the manual sale of gasoline were apprehended in three different regions



Over 4,000 liters of gasoline were unlawfully distributed in the Tashkent, Kashkadarya, and Navoi regions, as reported by the General Prosecutor's Office.

In various districts of the Tashkent region, including Bekobod, Boka, Bostonliq, Oqqorgon, Parkent, Chinoz, and Yangiyol, seven individuals were discovered selling AI-80 gasoline from residential apartments to make illicit profits. Authorities seized 721 liters of gasoline from them as evidence.

Similarly, in districts such as Karshi city, Koson, Kasbi, Chiroqchi, and Kokdala in Kashkadarya, six individuals were caught selling fuel at inflated prices, breaching fire safety regulations. A total of 624 liters of gasoline were confiscated from them.

Furthermore, it was revealed that an individual was illegally selling 2,774 liters of gasoline in Zarafshon city, Tomdi, and Uchquduq districts of Navoi.

The report indicates that appropriate legal actions are being pursued in accordance with the relevant articles of the Code of Administrative Responsibility for these cases.

It's worth noting that previously, illegal miners who pilfered 1 billion 329 million soums worth of electricity were apprehended in the cities of Fergana and Qoqon in the Fergana region.






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