A person attempting to unlawfully sell 4 tons of AI-92 gasoline was apprehended in Andijan



In Andijan, authorities thwarted the illegal circulation of over 4 tons of AI-92 gasoline, as disclosed by the Inspectorate for Control of Electric Energy, Oil Products, and Gas ("Ozenergoinspektsia").

During a coordinated operation involving the Andijan Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and "Ozenergoinspektsiya" personnel, it was revealed that M.Sh. was unlawfully vending gasoline from his residence, breaching technical regulations.

Investigation revealed that approximately 4 tons, equating to 910 liters, of AI-92 gasoline were decanted into empty glue containers from a truck parked at the apartment.

Subsequent investigation uncovered that the gasoline had been procured from an LLC in Fergana without accompanying documentation (bill of lading, contract, certificate) for a total amount of 47,900,000 soums.

Authorities are pursuing legal action in accordance with relevant provisions of the Code of Administrative Responsibility.

Recall that earlier in Fergana, an individual was apprehended for selling diesel fuel in violation of technical regulations, with 640 liters seized as physical evidence.


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