From April 1, the price of AI-80 gasoline will increase



From April 1st, the cost of AI-80 gasoline is set to rise. Changes in tax rates for petroleum products and other excisable goods and services are scheduled to take effect from April 1st in Uzbekistan. This update was communicated by "Uzbekneftgaz."

It's indicated that the excise tax adjustments for petroleum product production are as follows:

- The excise tax for the production of 1 ton of AI-80 gasoline will increase from 303,000 to 340,000 soums, a rise of 37,000 soums.
- For 1 ton of non-synthetic jet kerosene, the tax will increase from 242,000 to 271,000 soums, up by 29,000 soums.
- The excise tax for 1 ton of diesel fuel (excluding synthetic) will rise from 291,000 to 326,000 soums, an increase of 35,000 soums.
- EKO diesel fuel (excluding synthetic) will see its tax increase from 262,000 to 293,000 soums, a rise of 31,000 soums per ton.

Additionally, adjustments in excise tax on the sale of petroleum products and liquefied gas to end consumers include:

- For AI-80 gasoline, the tax will rise from 565,000 to 633,000 soums per ton, an increase of 68,000 soums.
- Diesel fuel (excluding synthetic) will see its tax increase from 516,000 to 578,000 soums per ton, also an increase of 68,000 soums.
- The tax on liquefied gas products will climb from 807,500 to 904,000 soums per ton, a rise of 96,500 soums.

Consequently, starting from April 1, 2024, JSC "Uzbekneftgaz" will apply revised initial prices for the sale of oil products and liquefied gas through stock market trading, reflecting the changes in excise tax.


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