A “green intersection” is constructed in Tashkent



Today, on November 18, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized himself with the plans for an overpass slated to be built at the junction of 'Yangi Uzbekistan' street and the 4R12 highway in Tashkent, as reported by the President's press service.

It is been noted that the traffic volume on these two roads has significantly increased in recent years. The influx of tourists heading to Bustanlik and Parkent districts has also risen considerably compared to previous years. Moreover, this intersection is anticipated to become the primary route leading to the city of New Tashkent in the future.

"In light of these developments, there are plans to establish a transportation hub at this intersection. As per the project details, one bridge, three tunnels, four roundabouts, and additional roads will be constructed. Consequently, the intersection will function as a 'green intersection,' eliminating the need for traffic lights. This enhancement is expected to save drivers and passengers 20-30 minutes in travel time compared to the current situation, while also bolstering traffic safety," stated the report.

Furthermore, the President inspected the ongoing construction of trade and service stations as part of the 'Dostlik - Koylyq' underground metro project. This initiative aims to build 36 trade and service outlets, along with sports and children's playgrounds, and parking facilities.

Mirziyoyev issued directives to officials to ensure stringent security measures and oversight while emphasizing the development of the service sector in Tashkent city.


Toshkent Shavkat Mirziyoev

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