29 people become victims of accidents over the last 5 months in Tashkent



From January to May this year, 29 individuals fell victim to traffic accidents in Tashkent. This was discussed on June 14 at a meeting focused on reviewing the work of the National Security Service over the past six months and addressing deficiencies in the main department of internal affairs of Tashkent city.

It was noted that during these five months, Tashkent recorded 393 traffic accidents, resulting in 29 fatalities and various degrees of injury to 364 individuals. Of these accidents, 240 were caused by pedestrians.

An analysis of the accidents revealed that in 99% of cases, the main cause was the failure to observe traffic rules by both drivers and pedestrians, including crossing roads at unmarked locations.

The head of the Capital MDIA emphasized the need for a detailed analysis of each accident site to identify necessary measures and to enhance preventive campaigns promoting traffic rule compliance among drivers and pedestrians.

The meeting also addressed the operations of the Registration and Examination Department. To enhance convenience for citizens and reduce corruption among employees, a new three-stage electronic system was implemented in the registration departments of "Yunusobod", "Chilonzor", "Uzbum-Mirobod", and "Fayzobod". It was highlighted that while all public service processes should be conducted through electronic devices and the Unified Electronic System, some employees were not fully utilizing this system.1



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