In Tashkent, an intoxicated man thrust a knife into the back of a PPS employee



A 47-year-old man stabbed a patrol post service officer in the waist area at the "Qoyliq" market in Tashkent. This was reported by the information service of the National Guard.

It is noted that on August 5 of this year, when an employee of the patrol post service of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Tashkent stopped a citizen who was riding a scooter around the market in an intoxicated state, he reacted aggressively to the legal demand of the PPS employee. He concealed himself from the scene of the incident by tucking his nearby umbrella into the employee's waist.

A military officer from the National Guard, responsible for maintaining public order in the market area, learned about the incident and immediately took measures to apprehend the individual. A few minutes later, a National Guard soldier caught the suspect, disarmed him, and handed him over to the Department of Internal Affairs No. 4 in the Bektemir district.

During the initial investigation, the individual was identified as A.R., a 47-year-old citizen born in the Samarkand region. It was known that he had been criminally responsible on several occasions for committing serious and extremely serious crimes and was released in 2016.

According to the report, the injured employee was hospitalized. Doctors assessed his condition as satisfactory.

In connection with this situation, a criminal case was initiated under part 3 of Article 277 (bullying) of the Criminal Code. Citizen A.R. was arrested as a suspect.

Let's recall that earlier it was reported that Khidirnazar Olaluklov and several of his supporters injured two internal affairs officers during the process of collecting signatures for the establishment of the "Truth, Development, and Solidarity" party in the Fergana region.


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