Gas stations in Tashkent will be temporarily closed



Due to a decrease in gas pressure in the city of Tashkent, gas filling stations for cars will be temporarily closed.  This was reported by the press service of the Tashkent city administration.

It is noted that due to the sharp drop in weather temperature, interruptions in gas and heat supply are observed in some areas of Tashkent city.  Despite the efforts of utilities to distribute the available gas reserves equally among all consumers, resources are lacking.

To provide gas and heat to as many households as possible, all gas filling stations for cars are temporarily closed, except for public transport stations.

The city administration is working on solving the problems.  Public utility workers continue their work on high alert.

Earlier, the Anti-Monopoly Committee announced that due to the cold weather in Uzbekistan in the autumn-winter season, restrictions will be imposed on methane gas filling stations in some regions.  However, this situation cannot be the reason for increasing the prices of methane gas for cars.


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