In Tashkent, the vehicle of a driver who committed 174 traffic violations had been confiscated



Reportedly, in Tashkent, the car belonging to a driver who broke traffic laws 174 times will be auctioned off if the fines remain unpaid, as revealed by the "Millar" program.

The driver in the capital accumulated 174 traffic violations over a year, evading administrative fines, resulting in a total debt of 58,953,000 soums. Consequently, the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement of Shaikhontohur district department impounded the vehicle.

As per regulations, the debtor has a grace period to settle the fines. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being auctioned to cover the debt.

It's worth noting that in Jizzakh, a person was caught for using someone else's car registration to evade fines, having committed 292 violations.


Toshkent haydovchi jarima mashina

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