Does an emergency medical worker in Tashkent do immoral acts to a female patient?



Reports have emerged regarding an incident involving an emergency medical worker in Tashkent, accused of inappropriate behavior towards a female patient. Journalist and blogger Shakhnoza Soatova brought attention to this incident via her Telegram channel.

As per the account received by Soatova, a woman, known to her, sought help on the night of November 16th to November 17th this year and called for an ambulance. Given her situation—being alone with a young child and the late hour—she requested a doctor's assistance if possible. However, despite a two-hour wait, a female doctor was unavailable, leading a male doctor to enter her apartment at 12:15 AM. The doctor administered three syringes to the patient. Subsequently, the woman began to experience disorientation.

"Suddenly, my mind became hazy, akin to that of an intoxicated person. I felt as though I was floating in the sky. I am aware, but my limbs feel weak, and I'm unable to control myself," she recounted.

Exploiting the woman's vulnerable state, the emergency doctor engaged in inappropriate behavior, sexually assaulting her.

"The woman didn't fully grasp the situation until the following evening. When she contacted emergency services (102), the responding district inspector was unresponsive and discouraged her from pursuing the matter, citing difficulties in proving the incident. However, upon the woman's insistence, a referral for a forensic examination was arranged," Soatova disclosed.

Despite the woman's visit to the forensic examination, the analysis didn't take place due to the end of the working day. Frustrated by her futile visits to court medical experts and the police, who deemed her evidence insufficient, the woman expressed her distress. 

"No attention is given to the substance residue in the syringes left behind by the ambulance. Appeals to various platforms have been disregarded. The woman has lost faith in the justice system but remains determined to seek it. Her condition is deteriorating due to the trauma inflicted by the “doctor,” and she's exhausted from encountering indifference and delays," the journalist reported.

Shakhnoza Soatova has also reached out to officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Health Minister Amrillo Inoyatov, urging them to address this issue.

Iroda Abdugaforovna, press secretary of the Republican Emergency Medical Center, confirmed that a service check has been initiated concerning the ambulance paramedic O.M., as per the blogger's report. However, the Ministry of Health has yet to issue an official response to this distressing situation.


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