A 26-year-old pregnant woman died in a maternity hospital in Tashkent region



A 26-year-old pregnant woman died at a maternity hospital in the Tashkent region, as depicted in a video message circulating on social networks. The incident occurred in Yangiyul, Tashkent region, with the woman's husband attributing blame to the medical staff. The Ministry of Health has issued an official response to address the situation.

According to the ministry, on November 14 of this year, 26-year-old M.Q. sought admission to the maternity hospital in Yangiyul with a referral from the multidisciplinary central polyclinic of the city. She was admitted on the same day with a diagnosis of "pregnancy-2, 31-32 weeks, risk of premature birth."

At the center, the patient underwent necessary examinations, and treatment measures were implemented. She was examined by an infectious disease specialist and a surgeon, with gastrointestinal disorders being noted. The UTT examination diagnosed a normotonous uterus, while the liver and gall bladder were found to be normal.

Following these examinations, the pregnant woman met her husband, who had come to inquire about her condition. However, upon returning to the ward, the woman's condition suddenly deteriorated, leading to her loss of consciousness. Despite the prompt implementation of reanimation and emergency medical measures, the patient succumbed biologically.

It is worth recalling that an earlier incident involved the death of a 19-year-old woman who had given birth to twins in Kashkadarya.


Toshkent viloyati vafot etdi Yangiyo'l tug'uruqxona homilador ayol

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