Fire engulfs field in Tashkent's Mirabad district



A fire erupted in a field located in the heart of Tashkent's Mirabad district, engulfing an area of approximately 300 square meters. The Ministry of Emergency Situations' Information Service promptly reported the incident.

On the evening of June 9, at precisely 7:59 p.m., a fire broke out, sending plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. Swiftly responding to the emergency, two fire-rescue crews arrived at the scene at 20:06 to combat the blaze. After approximately 30 minutes of intensive firefighting efforts, the fire was successfully extinguished by 20:36, averting further destruction.

Authorities are currently working to determine the cause of the fire and assess the extent of the material damage incurred. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries were reported as a result of the incident, providing some relief amidst the chaos.

The community remains on high alert as investigations into the incident continue. Local residents and witnesses expressed gratitude for the swift response of the emergency teams, whose diligent efforts prevented the fire from spreading to nearby structures and endangering lives.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant and promptly reporting any potential fire hazards in the area. As the investigation unfolds, authorities urge the public to prioritize fire safety measures to minimize the risk of future incidents.

The affected field, previously a picturesque landscape, now stands charred and scarred. The community eagerly awaits further updates on the cause of the fire and hopes for swift restoration of the damaged area.



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