The air in Tashkent has once again become life-threatening




The air in Tashkent has once again become life-threatening. Today, January 11, as of 8:00 a.m., data from dispatchers in the capital revealed that air pollution levels exceeded the norm by 17 times, as reported by Uzgidromet.

According to automatic air monitoring stations, the concentration of PM10 particles in Tashkent's atmospheric air reached 191.4 μg/m3, staying within permissible limits. Carbon monoxide (CO), a byproduct of motor vehicles and industrial activities, measured at 0.8 mg/m3, also within the acceptable range.

However, the concentration of PM2.5 fine particles was alarming at 85.5 μg/m3—17 times higher than the World Health Organization's recommended limit of 5 μg/m3.

It's worth noting that earlier announcements had identified the most polluted areas in Tashkent.


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