“Taliban” delegation came to in Tashkent



Mullah Bakht ul Rahman Sharofat, the leader of Afghanistan's National Railway Administration under the "Tolibon" interim government, has arrived in Uzbekistan, as reported by the "Voice of Afghanistan" news agency.

The “Taliban” delegation's visit to Tashkent is aimed at participating in discussions regarding the Trans-Afghan project and fostering bilateral cooperation.

Today, on February 19, representatives from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates are expected to attend the meeting in Tashkent.

Earlier this month, Abdusalom Azizov, the head of State Security Service of Uzbekistan, held a meeting with Muhammad Yoqub, the defense minister of the "Taliban" interim government. Additionally, the "Taliban" has appointed Mugfurulloh Shahob as its ambassador to the Afghan embassy in Tashkent


Afg'oniston O'zbekiston Tolibon temiryo'l

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