A poacher was apprehended in Surkhandarya for killing 17 hares



According to the press service of the Department of Ecology in Surkhandarya, an individual who hunted 11 wild hares in the region received a fine.

The Department received a photograph on October 20 of this year depicting an unidentified person hunting a hare. Subsequently, an environmental investigation was conducted based on this information.

The investigation revealed that the individual in the photo resides in the "Khomkon" neighborhood of Angor district. It was found that this person had hunted 6 hares without a permit in 2022 and 11 hares in 2023 in the territories of Angor and Muzrabot districts, using prohibited methods.

The environmental damage amounted to 5,400,000 soums for the 6 hares caught in 2022 and 10,890,000 soums for the 11 hares caught in 2023. In total, the damage to nature was assessed at 16,290,000 soums.

The individual faced consequences under part 4 of Article 90 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan, with primary documents prepared. These documents were forwarded to the Sherabad District Court for Criminal Cases for further legal proceedings.

Earlier this year, action was taken against 25 poachers for illegally fishing in Syrdarya since the beginning of the year.


Surxondaryo jarima brakon'er ov tovushqon

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