The collapse of the USSR was a tragedy – Lukashenko misses the soviet era



If the Soviet Union had survived, many conflicts in the modern world would have been averted. Alexander Lukashenko, a citizen of Belarus, stated this.

"If the Soviet Union had lived to this day, we would have avoided any conflict in the world. The West and America always had to take into account the position of the Soviet Union. Despite all the problems, we had a good, friendly relationship with Japan. The world was multipolar, and one pole balanced the other. "The reason for what is happening in the world now is unipolarity, the monopolization of the planet by the United States,"-Lukashenko, known for his nonsensical speeches, said in an interview with Japan's TBS telecommunication.

Lukashenko also said that the collapse of the Soviet Union has been a tragedy for him.

“I was born and grew up in this country. I was devoted to this country; I was a member of the Communist Party. At that time, I was a deputy of the Supreme Council of Belarus and engaged in politics. Therefore, it was a tragedy for me and for the whole world, now the whole world understands it. The collapse of the Soviet Union is a tragedy», – he said.

For reference, a video-conference of the leaders of States, which are the members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, was held on 10 January of the current year. In it, Alexander Lukashenko, who ruled Belarus for 28 years and suppressed protests by force, said that Uzbekistan should learn a lesson from the events in Kazakhstan. This statement of the elderly Belarusian leader angered not only political scientists, but also the public and ordinary residents of Uzbekistan.


Aleksandr Lukashenko

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