Passenger woman dies in horrific traffic accident in Sergeli



Earlier, it was reported that a severe traffic accident involving three cars occurred in Tashkent. As a result of the accident, one person died, and the other two were hospitalized. This was reported by the Traffic Safety Department of the Tashkent City Department of Internal Affairs.

According to the report, the passenger of the Spark car, driven by D.U., a woman born in 1981, died from her injuries despite the efforts of doctors. The deceased passenger was identified as S.X., a woman born in 1991. Additionally, D.U., the driver of the Spark, and M.R., a passenger in the Honda car, a woman born in 2002, were injured and hospitalized.

"The Investigation Department of the Tashkent City Department of Internal Affairs has initiated a criminal case under part 2 of Article 266 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with this incident," the report said.


Sergeli avtohalokat ayol

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