Illegal gold miners were apprehended in Samarkand



Individuals engaged in unauthorized gold mining were arrested in Samarkand, as reported by the QALAMPIR.UZ source.

During operational activities conducted by the Samarkand region administration of the State Security Service and other law enforcement bodies, individuals involved in illegal gold ore mining were identified.

It was discovered that the abandoned mine in the territory of "Minishkor" MFY, situated in the Koshrabot district, had been unlawfully appropriated by the local population. They systematically damaged the environment, illegally extracted minerals, including gold, processed them, and sold them. Moreover, environmental harm was caused by the discharge of wastewater used for washing crushed stones.

In a swift operation carried out by law enforcement agencies at the "Minishkor" MFY site, it was found that seasonal worker X.H., born in 1984, sports school coach N.O., born in 1997, and district improvement department worker O.S., born in 1987, were involved in illegal gold ore mining and excavation, with documents issued inappropriately.

Furthermore, nine additional citizens residing in Navoi city, Khatirchi, Koshrabot, and Pakhtachi districts were discovered to be engaged in illicit activities at this mine during the rapid response operations.

Investigations are currently ongoing in connection with the aforementioned situation.

It is worth noting that previously, the body of a 30-year-old man was discovered in a gold mine in Navoi.


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