Security forces in Russia arrested 45 labor migrants from Uzbekistan



Authorities in the Voronezh region reported the arrest of 45 Uzbek labor migrants working in Russia.

Regional police conducted raids at multiple construction sites in Voronezh to ensure compliance with migration laws. During these operations, migrants from Uzbekistan were detained at a site on 45 Strelkovaya Division Street.

Footage released by Voronezh police shows several workers being forced to the ground, while armed and masked officers lead another group of workers. One officer is heard instructing them to "na stulya prisajivaytes" (sit on the chairs), despite the absence of chairs.

"Forty-five Uzbek nationals were detained with the assistance of Red Guard soldiers. Twelve were taken to the police station for document verification. Subsequently, 12 reports were filed against them for 'Illegal employment by a foreign citizen or stateless person' under the Code of Administrative Offenses. Additionally, an investigation was initiated by the Voronezh IIB against the employer," the report stated.


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