Officially: Lacetti, Damas, Labo, and Cobalt prices increase



In Uzbekistan, the prices of Lacetti, Damas, Labo, and Cobalt models have increased from 4.7 million soums to 9 million soums, as reported by UzAuto Motors company.

According to the information, the company has raised the prices of popular cars as follows:

• Lacetti L-Style Plus AT: 169,118,000 soums (old price - 160,868,000 soums).
• Cobalt GS-Style Plus MT: 119,542,000 soums (old price - 113,711,000 soums).
• Cobalt GX-Style Plus AT: 141,181,000 soums (old price - 134,294,000 soums).
• Damas D2 DLX Style Plus: 96,932,000 soums (old price - 92,204,000 soums).
• Labo LB2 Plus: increased in price by 96,370,000 soums (old price - 91,669,000 soums).

It is worth noting that in August of this year, UzAuto Motors company issued an appeal to potential car buyers, urging them to avoid purchasing contracts for cars through social networks, particularly on online trading sites.


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