QALAMPIR.UZ 8th anniversary



Do you have the inclination for information—the information you see, hear, and read on your computer and gadgets? Of course, you do. Why not? We understand that as we convey various moods and diverse content of information day and night, it will impact you in one way or another. In these times when our world is enveloped in wars, armed conflicts, the cries of children and mothers, only those within our circle comprehend how challenging and demanding our chosen profession is. It was just yesterday, not today, that we embarked on this journey, and it has been 8 years.

We are actors, playing many roles. We become the pain of the person who shares their problems with us, the grieving parents of a child who passed away in the hospital, the tears of a person victimized by injustice, and the lamentations of raped girls. Let's place ourselves in each of their positions.

We cry, we laugh, we are crushed, we are pressured, we are pushed... There are numerous heartaches behind the articles and materials you have read, seen, and applauded.

Our morning begins much earlier than yours, and our night has no fixed time. We hardly notice when it becomes evening; our hours and even seconds differ from yours. We tirelessly work to deliver information faster than ever, of better quality than ever, and more impartial than ever. Do not perceive this as a reprimand or rebuke; simply appreciate our work when you read, see, and hear us. After all, QALAMPIR is ours as much as it is yours.

We have journeyed through 8 years with you, and today we celebrate our 8th anniversary. There is one thing we said when QALAMPIR.UZ was founded, and we recall it every year when it marks another milestone: everything begins with imagination. We dreamed, fearlessly followed our dreams, and we continue to do so. The road is long. May the life of your QALAMPIR be everlasting!



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