Putin's visit to Uzbekistan concludes



On May 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin returned to Moscow following a three-day visit to Uzbekistan, as announced by the President's press service.

At Tashkent International Airport, President Putin was seen off by Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The two leaders exchanged a warm farewell.

President Putin's state visit, at the invitation of President Mirziyoyev, included several joint events.

On May 27, the presidents held in-depth discussions in both narrow and expanded formats, addressing key issues on the bilateral agenda. They listened to reports from their delegations and exchanged views on international and regional matters.

The visit culminated in the signing of a joint statement and the exchange of various intergovernmental and interdepartmental documents.

President Putin, accompanied by President Mirziyoyev, visited Victory Park, where he laid a wreath at the "Hymn of Courage" monument and toured a museum highlighting Uzbekistan's contributions to World War II.

Additionally, the first meeting of the Uzbekistan-Russia Council of Regions took place, chaired by both presidents. They identified priorities for enhancing interregional dialogue and expanding practical cooperation.

It is worth noting that Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President's press secretary, previously mentioned that President Mirziyoyev hosted President Putin at his home, where they conversed until three in the morning.


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